Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery.

Modern Day Slavery: Mankind has been known to result in cruel means of achieving economic, social and political prosperity, regardless of whom or what gets hurt in the process. For example, many people believe that slavery is a thing of the past, especially when looking at the history of America.

There are also those who think that because the world is promoting democracy, everyone is free. Well, this is not the case as there are people who still lead their lives in accordance to what their masters’ wishes. In relation to this context, I will address modern day slavery.

Slavery can be defined as a system where mankind treats his fellow human being as his/her property. This means that they can be bought with different kinds of currency or trade commodity, and be forced to work for their master.

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I believe it would be hard for a person to become another’s slave.  According to Skinner, we should also enforce human rights activist groups as well as come up with more strict policies and laws against slavery. This would discourage those who engage themselves in the above forms of slavery.

In conclusion, slavery was viewed as a thing of the past. But it sure does exist in our society to date. I believe that it is time the world came together, and recognized every human being as equals. And worked together to end modern slavery in the world.

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