Mobile devices and security

Mobile devices and security

Mobile devices and security

Mobile devices are fast growing technology where the sales were expect to rise. Thus, mobile application is on the boom for a long period. However, the growth has been also offering an incentive for attackers. Mobile phones offer storage for commercial, personal and financial data that may attract targeted and mass-scale attacks. Security is a vital challenge for the IT department as mobile devices, primary smartphones and tablets as they become key productivity tool in the workplace. Protection of data on mobile devices is important because they are part of a company network consistency and security of data and devices at the frontline that can be challenging.

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Security decision through untrusted inputs can be leveraged by malware or client side injected attacks for various for purposes such as data and privilege escalation and consuming paid resources. Sensitive information such as access token, shared secret keys, login credentials and the like when hard coded into the application code, presents the possibility of these information being disclosed to attackers through reverse engineering that is fairly trivial. Code complication makes it challenging to understand code. Physical threats is another form of mobile threat. Mobile devices are portable and designed for daily use. As a result, physical security is a crucial consideration.

Sujithra, M., & Padmavathi, G. (2012). Mobile Device Security: A Survey on Mobile Device Threats, Vulnerabilities and their Defensive Mechanism. International Journal of Computer Applications, 56.

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