Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Planet Mars is the second smallest in the solar system and the fourth from the sun out of the nine planets in the solar system. Scientists and space astrologists have done a lot to study and understand all about the planet Mars. Further, many studies have been done and research conducted to know what takes place in this planet and whether it can accommodate and support life as it does planet Earth. Surprisingly, many proofs have been put up showing that planet Mars is full of life, has got the ability to support humanity to higher limits of survival.

This research paper critically, analyses the mission concept to Mars by the space scientists and their logic behind the mission.

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The history of mars missions dates back to 1960s when scientists fully ventured into the study of the solar system particularly Planet Mars. It was not an easier task as evidenced from other spaceships shutting down upon launching while others developed technical problems while in the space and lost somewhere in the space. However, as of 1967 a new dawn for Mars exploration was compromised hence, making the astronomers to critically look for better and dynamic ways of penetrating Mars.

All the space ships employed in visiting mars and collecting data have been of great help to earthly scientists to gear forth on the dynamic challenges of exploring mars to totality. Additionally, the current and future satellites will be vital in revealing more discoveries about planet Mars and the rest of other planetary systems.

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