Minorities, Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Minorities, Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Minorities, Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

This article evaluate how stop and frisk law undermine human dignity and discriminate African American and Latino on the basis of their color. There several incidences that have been have been raised that the law is undermining human dignity towards some people in the country on the basis their ethnicity. According to group being victimized they have equal rights on the basis of the constitution of the country.

This paper will show ways on how people are discriminated and show ways people are equal irrespective of their color and ethnicity. There are cases filed by different people and organization for irrelevant stops. In 2012, there were more than 400 lawsuits in an attempt to persuade the Supreme Court to remove the policy (Greenawalt).

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Arguably, all people all around the world have the right to treated equally irrespective of the ethnic and color as per the universal human rights that are Stipulated by the United States. Universal Human rights are established to promote human dignity to all people. Thus, the tactic used by the NYPD to subject certain people to the stop and frisk law undermines quality and dignity of humanity (Goldstein).

The perception attached to African Americans and Latino as criminal, is demeaning and an insult to the diversity in human creation. African Americans and Latinos are equal to other races in the US including Native Americans, according to the constitution. Thus, NYPD must uphold the uniqueness and dignity of every member of the American society (Capers).


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