Minimum Wages

Minimum Wages

Minimum Wages

Minimum wage can be defined as the lowest wage at which any person can sell labor to their employer. There are other parties who prefer defining it as the lowest hourly, daily or even monthly remuneration at which an employer may legally get to pay for his/her employees’ labor (Rycroft 09). Minimum wage rates are usually set by the jurisdictions in question; hence they tend to be different depending on the laws governing a particular district, state, or country. This diversity however, does not hinder differences in opinions that emanate from the existence of minimum wage. There are people who are of the opinion that minimum wage reduces poverty, improves the standard of living, boosts morale of workers, reduces inequality as well as making businesses more efficient (Beland & Alex 31).

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Minimum wages hikes are one of the ways of elevating the life of single mothers, indigenous communities in this country as well as an average American. We have also established that living off minimum wages is significantly hard especially for single mother and every American living in abject poverty, for even programs that were meant to help them get through are not any effective any more. We have also established that hikes in minimum wages can elevate our economy through creating more jobs as well as elevating the livelihood of poor indigenous communities in this country, single mothers and every other American.

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