Mindmap and rationale

Mindmap and rationale

Mindmap and rationale

This one week program has been designed to be implemented in a year two classroom, in Fairfield Heights public school located in west Sydney. In year two class the children are aged between six and seven and all are in different learning levels.

It is the Secord term for the Sydney schools. The classroom is very big; it has lots of space for children to move around freely. The one week program is based on concept of “our Australia” which link with variety of curriculum links such as English, Science, History, Math, Geography, technology and Art.

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Throughout the one week program the children will explore the knowledge of Australia, food, animal and diverse states. The Students will take part in group discussions. Demonstrate the existing knowledge through participating and sharing about the food, story, states and animals.

The initial step to aiding the students in adjusting to this type of teaching is by explaining why this specific approach is the one that is the best possible method of improving their knowledge about Australia, its animals, culture, and the food. This involves explaining how the new learning responsibilities and roles that are expected of them in the learner-centered classroom that will enable them to better gain the required knowledge.

Chism, N. V., & Chism, G. W. (2007). Peer review of teaching: A sourcebook. Bolton, MA: Anker Pub. Co.

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