Milton A Edwards Resume

Milton A Edwards Resume

Milton A Edwards Resume.

Milton A Edwards Resume: The objective involves securing a position that utilizes my skills in Maintenance & Logistics Management.

I am a reliable leader with 22 years of diverse background experience as a leader, trainer, and Maintenance & Logistics Management Specialist in the United States Army. My skills involve knowledge in the use of various machines.

Moreover, I possess leadership skills. I am time conscious, goal oriented and well organized. These skills saw me receive numerous medals and awards for good conduct and outstanding achievement in military service in Korea, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

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spanning 22 years. This is documented in the attached resume. Moreover, my service in the army gives me skills in handling several responsibilities. I am goal oriented, time conscious and a team player. Several awards and accolades prove my efficiency in this field of work.

Additionally, my educational background consists various awards of certificate, undergraduate and graduate merits. Coupled with my experience, these academic qualifications make me a suitable candidate for the above mentioned post. Thank for considering me for the position.

Following an application for the post of maintenance and logistics manager at your firm, I am yet to receive a response. The application included a letter and a copy of my resume. I believe that my skills in the area are adequate for the position. Kindly contact me on [Insert telephone number] for a response regarding my application. I am also willing to resend the application and resume in event that they are not available. Thank you for your consideration.

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