The term Millennials denotes the generation of individuals born between the initial years of the 80s and the first years of the 2000s(Taylor, 2014). The most regularly used birth range for the age group is perhaps 1982-2000. Generation Y is also used to refer to the Millennial Generation since it came after Generation X, which typically consists of people born between the 1960 and 1980.

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To summarize this paper, the change that has been brought about by millennials in business and the work environment is that they have made many corporations change the way they work to appeal to them. This does not imply that a particular firm is better for a youth, but it rather a better place for working in general. Most of the things Millennials demand, for instance, flexible locations and working hours, an exciting working environment, and good remuneration are sought after by most people. With more companies giving this types of package, the ones that don’t are being overlooked for corporations that are healthier to work for(Burstein, 2013). The change doesn’t necessarily originate from the desires of millennials to be met.Instead, the change comes from millennials forming such environs for themselves when establishing companies. When a majority of businesses have developed so fast, growing to generate more employment, millennials are the ones attracted as the working spaces are fundamentally designed for them.

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