Military versus Civilian Anxiety and Depression Tendencies

Military versus Civilian Anxiety and Depression Tendencies

Military versus Civilian Anxiety and Depression Tendencies.

Military versus Civilian Anxiety and Depression Tendencies: Very little is known regarding health and health behavior variations between United States military members – both active and veterans – and civilians.

The veterans and active service members are more difficult to care for than civilians because of their usually traumatic experiences in combat. Since 2002, a third of veterans from the Afghani and Iraqi conflicts have sought care for anxiety and depression disorders associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In comparison, a 2008-2009 survey of American civilians found that 3.2% of survey participants had had severe psychological distress in a period of the last 30 years.

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Then, the researcher had to sort all interested participants based on such categories as male or female. Employed or unemployed, racial affiliation, and military or non-military. This was followe by the phase of data analysis. However, the researcher did not have enough time to carry out an incisive analysis and evaluation.

Before any respondent could participate in the survey, he or she had to fill a consent form. Effectively acknowledging that his or her participation was voluntary. As such, one would expect that participants would be honest in responding. But the researcher has no control over the genuineness of the response the participant actually gives.

In addition, considering that data was collect online, the researcher had no way of observing and evaluating the behavior of the participants for survey objectivity. Consequently, in view of the above limitations, more research needs to be done on this subject. To arrive at more conclusive research findings.

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