Military Suicide Prevent Program

Suicide has been declared to be the highest cause of death in the army in the United States. Traditionally, it was believed that only soldiers who have been deployed to war-torn areas are prone to suicide, recent studies indicate that deployment in not an issue anymore. This is because service members who spend much of their time in garrisons are also committing suicide, just like those who have been on the battleground. Suicide in the military is associated with mental health problems among the service members.

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Therefore, if one program fails to work as expected, another preventive program should be introduced immediately. Military personnel should work together in order to reduce cases of suicide deaths in the army.

Mann, J. J., Apter, A., Bertolote, J., Beautrais, A., Currier, D. (2005). Suicide prevention strategies: a systematic review. Jama, 294(16), 2064-2074.

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