Military Mental Health Issues

Military Mental Health Issues

Military Mental Health Issues

Military Mental Health Issues:Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychological disorder which occurs as a result of life-threatening experience or event such as natural disaster, serious accidents, natural disaster, sexual assault or military combat. Many survivors of PSTD return to normal after a given short period. Prolonged stress that does not go away on its own always ends up developing into post-trauma stress disorder.

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To conclude, it is vital to note that many of military personnel especially combats are at a high risk of suffering post-trauma stress disorder. They, therefore, require assistance and constant support from the family members and are other person that they relate with. The military structures also should be established in a manner that unit support is boosted to increase the invulnerability of the military personnel during war. It is upon the society to understand their actions for instance alcoholism is a result of trauma and provide them with necessary support as opposed to despising them.

Afari N. Harder L.H., Madra N.J. and King C. (2009) PTSD, combat injury and headache in Veterans returning from Afghanistan

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