Middle School and High School student attendance problems

Middle School and High School student attendance problems

Middle School and High School student attendance problems

School attendance is a serious issue facing schools today. Many schools have been reporting low academic performance, and one of the contributors to the low academic performance is absenteeism. It is unfortunate that academic excellence has a direct correlation with attendance, and students have not taken this issue into consideration. Students who are out of school miss significant instructions that are taught in school.

The resultant is poor school performance since the students cannot catch up with other students. Prolonged school absence eventually leads to school dropout.

Additionally, it becomes so hard for the teacher and the remaining students to gain skills especially when many students are absent. Despite the academic performance, there are other problems that absentee students are likely to face. Childhood delinquency is closely related to absentees and school dropouts. The issue of absenteeism does not only affect the student; it also affects the schools. The funding of the school depends on the number of students who are present.

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The process can also be supported through close monitoring of the school attendance through the use of a computerized attendance system. The system will ensure that there is easy tracking of the absent and the present days of the students. The system will also be useful when analysis the attendance of the whole class.

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