Microbiology & Chlamydia in Adolescents

Microbiology & Chlamydia in Adolescents

Microbiology & Chlamydia in Adolescents

Microbiology & Chlamydia in Adolescents: Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) a gram-negative, obligate, intracellular bacterium that is the causative agent of many chronic or acute systemic human diseases such as neonatal infections, trachoma and oculogenital. CT It was first discovered by von Prowazek and Halberstaedter in 1907 that observed it in conjunctiva scrapings from an experimentally infected chimpanzee.

In the last one century the study and discovery of the intracellular pathogens, as well as chlamydiae, passed through a vast evolution. Chlamydia was first mentioned in history in 1963 when it was finally acknowledged as bacteria instead of a virus.

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Epidemiologists, scientists and clinical researchers will have to join forces in carrying out coordinated research efforts to get a better understanding of Chlamydia immunobiology and to increase the goal of stopping the adverse reproductive costs of genital CT infection because it will facilitate a better understanding of Chlamydia genetics as well as opening up the field of Chlamydia research. This advancement can develop new techniques to Chlamydia vaccines and healing interventions.

APHL. (2009). Laboratory Diagnostic Testing for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Expert Consultation Meeting Summary Report. January 13-15, Atlanta, GA.

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