Micro Management

Micro management is a style of management whereby the manager closely observes and controls the work of employees and subordinates. This style of management has a negative connotation. A company may employ this style of management for various reasons depending on the goals and nature of the company. Supervisors often rationalize micromanagement behaviors giving excuses that it takes too long, and the employees are always busy. Many managers exercise this style of management due to fear of loss of control and loss of power and thus, decide to take the risk.

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Such employees have spoken frankly about the reason they changed their employers. Some of them even make affirmative efforts to badmouth their former employer in an attempt to revenge. This destroys the company’s reputation and could create insecurity in the management. Thus, the drawbacks of micromanagement outweigh the benefits and thus, it’s harmful to organizations. The exercise does not only destroy the career of an employee, but also the company’s reputation as well.

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