Michael’s Case Study

Michael’s Case Study

Michael’s Case Study

Education is arguably the most important aspect of human development. Thus education cannot be exhausted at any one point. This being the case education should start as early in one’s life as possible.  Education does not necessarily begin at school. Even at home infants learn various things from their surroundings.

Even when playing with other children, children start to learn on how to develop social skills early enough.We all have different levels of IQ. This being the case there are children who are slow in learning. This does not necessarily mean that such children are dumb. It simply implies that such children take longer than usual for their mind to dissect information and store them.

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As a result the issue of whether children with slow learning capabilities should be offered special education arises. Before this is done it is important for both parents and teachers to know various ways of detecting children with slow learning abilities. This is so since failing to understand what one is being taught does not necessarily mean that they are slow learners.

For example, a child might have problems concentrating thus making it difficult for them to comprehend what is being taught. Such a child can be easily viewed as a slow learning child by mistake. This paper will focus on education for slow learning students by using the Michael’s case study as a practical example.

Dash M (2005). Education of Exceptional Children. London: Atlantic Publishers.

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