Michael Halliday Contributions to Linguistics

Michael Halliday Contributions to Linguistics

Michael Halliday Contributions to Linguistics.

Michael Halliday Contributions to Linguistics: Michael Alexander Kirkwood Halliday commonly known as M.A.K. Halliday is an Australian linguist that was born in Britain in 13th April 1925.

He is famous for the development of the model, systemic functional linguistic, used in language, that has had an influential status internationally. He was raised in England where his parents nurtured in him the fascination for language. (Lowe)

In 1942, he volunteered for a foreign language training course that took him 18 months to complete where he studied Chinese. He returned to London to teach the language, where he undertook a Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in the Chinese language and modern literature.

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Other theories that he looked into include the use of intonation in grammar and English, cohesion in English, thematic organization and the concept surrounding the grammatical metaphor. (Halliday)

His theories have had an impact in modern linguistics. It is seen in his collection of papers named ‘Language in society’, where his works have influenced the modern connection of language and their thorough acts of meaning. He helped society go beyond the stereotypical view of language as just mere reflections of social structure.

His works have influence various fields today including the way of communication and language in schools where these fields were previously underestimate by teachers. In the modern society, I have encountered the use of these theories in all formal communication and writings.  (Halliday, On language and linguistics)


Halliday, M.A.K. Lexicology : A short introduction . London: Continuum International publishing group, 2007.

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