Michael Bourdillon on child work and development

Michael Bourdillon on child work and development

Michael Bourdillon on child work and development

The article A Challenge for Globalized Thinking illustrate ways children can relate the work with their childhood development. The article seeks to advocate for learning among children while at the same time to work to provide for their own need and those of their families while having a practical experience on what is learned through work experience. The article evaluates the positive impact that are realized from working and learning on child development. However, there are issue that need to be addressed on the importance of children participation in the job market and some of the contradicting issues including exploitation of children and child labor.

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There are issues that surround the concept of child participation in work, particularly children rights because the minimum age for participation in work denies children the rights to work appropriately and develop from the work experience. Children are denied the chance to receive full compensation and a chance to join labor unions on the ground that they are not legit employees. In addition, children are denied the chance to seek protection from unfair dismissal and arbitrary.

Bourdillon, Michael. “A CHALLENGE FOR GLOBALISED THINKING: HOW DOES CHILDREN’S WORK RELATE TO THEIR DEVELOPMENT?.” South African Review Of Sociology 42, no. 1 (March 2011): 97. MasterFILE Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed October 14, 2014).

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