Methods of investigation

Methods of investigation

Methods of investigation

Investigation plays an important role in law enforcement. The truth is necessary for any ruling to be fairly made in a court of law. To uncover said truth, it may be necessary for private investigators to be employed. This is according to Fijnaut (1995). More to this, the investigator may have to use both covert and overt method in a bid to obtain desired results. This paper will summarize one overt and covert method in a bid to show their usefulness.According to Harfield (2012), covert surveillance investigation basically involves gathering information about an individual without their awareness.

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Human intelligence basically refers to information that is acquired by a person and the disclosed to law enforcement. For reasons such as fear of reprisal or professional integrity, this information may be reported covertly. Sources of CHIS may be members of the public or undercover law enforcement agent. As explained above, this method of covert investigation is often employed when the information cannot be obtained directly or readily.Overt methods of investigation come into play when information may be readily available. Interviewing is one of the overt methods of investigation.


Fijnaut, C. (1995). Undercover : police surveillance in comparative perspective. The Hague: Kluwer Law International.

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