Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation

This website defines mental retardation as a below average intellectual function diagnosed for children below the age of 18. When people above 18 years are diagnosed with this condition, it is referred to as dementia. The intelligence level, in this case, is below 70.

This impairs the ability of people to adapt to the normal daily demands. This distinguishes mental retardation with low IQ scores as they are able to acclimatize to the demands of life.This website defines mental retardation as the condition of developmental deficit that begins right at childhood.

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It results to limitation of cognitive or intellect and poor adaptability to daily demands of life. Victims of mental retardation tend to have at least two of the following impairments; home living, self care, communication, self direction, social skills, health, safety, leisure, work, and academic skills.

The common behaviors associated with MR include dependency, aggression, self- injury, stubbornness, impulsivity, low frustration tolerance, and low self esteem. The website offers a clear and precise description of mental retardation, and other related behavior traits.

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