Mental Health Issues for deployed servicemen

Mental Health Issues for deployed servicemen

Mental Health Issues for deployed servicemen

The psychological health of soldiers and ex-soldier has continued to draw immense debates as well as concerns among scholars, the health fraternity and the government as well. According to a report produced by Williamson and Mulhall (2009), mental issues among combat veterans first came to the attention of health fraternity during the World War I. Veterans were observed to be suffering from fatigue and anxiety symptoms but no effective treatment could be administered considering medical science and research had not developed effective means to treat mental issues resulting from war. It is estimated that since the year 2002, the number of US soldiers sent to Iraq and Afghanistan has surpassed the 2.2 million mark (Williamson and Mulhall, 2009).

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Failure to adopt such affirmative actions will only lead to more deaths, family break up and pressure on peace and tranquility of the society as a result of increased crime rates. The military must accept that they have a serious problem at and consequently allocate more resources and efforts beyond what has been already done. Mental injuries from deployment inflict much more suffering than the physical ones as their adverse effect go beyond the victim and further stretches in a way the impact negatively to the society. Military service is considered one of the most honorable ways of serving your country and a show of utter patriotism since the ancient times.

Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC. (2012). Deaths by suicide while on active duty, active and reserve components, US Armed Forces, 1998-2011. MSMR, 19(6), 7.

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