Mental Disabilities

Mental Disabilities

Mental Disabilities.

Mental Disabilities: Education is important to everyone, every person needs education. It is eminent that people who have no accessed education end up living a hard life. Individuals with mental disabilities also require education.

Since everyone wants to live a good life, there has been a growing need to education. Education has the following advantage to individuals with mental disabilities (Special needs education, 2012).

At first, education enriches one with knowledge that might be of significant use to the life of an individual. It is always said that education is power. This notion is very common since people who are educated seem to be more influential than their counterparts who are uneducated.

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more logical reasoning than uneducated reasoning. Education serves the role of promoting equality among people. People with disabilities should be give the opportunity so as to promote equality.

Although education to disabled students has many advantages, it also presents some disadvantages. At first, educating mentally disabled is hard and time consuming. This is because these individuals are not easy to learn (Lawrence). They will waste time which they can use to learn other life skills.

Inclusion can be successful, if there is a mainstream of education system so as to accommodate the mental students (Lawrence). On the other hand, inclusion can be successful if there is special program that can accommodate students with disabilities. There should be special classes for mental disable students so as to promote successful inclusion.


Lawrence, C. (n.d.). Advantages & Disadvantages to Mainstreaming Special Education Children.

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