Memorandum on how to reform corporate ethics

Memorandum on how to reform corporate ethics

Memorandum on how to reform corporate ethics

This paper seeks to perpetuate the notion that companies that adopt strong corporate ethics also perform efficiently. In the research, it has been proved that strong corporate ethics and responsibility plays a great role in improving the profitability of a company. Additionally, In an era of instant communication and a multitude of variables to consider before making a decision,  leaders must have some form of guideline to help them make choices that  reflect responsibility and accountability.

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The creation of an official corporate governance policy and internal practice will lead to these critical decisions being made with the good of the whole in mind.They have a certain intangible quality you can sense when you set foot in the business, spend time with its employees, or talk to its customers and suppliers. There’s a magnetism, a power of attraction, that draws people to the company and invokes a desire of being associated with it. It’s what I call mojo, and I think of it as the of charisma in the business realm.

Bendixen, M. (2013). Ethics and Social Responsibility in Supplier-Customer Relationships. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 15.

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