Memo on Internet Law

Memo on Internet Law

Memo on Internet Law

Judicial systems are working around to create laws that do govern the use of the internet and penalties to tackle cyber-crimes that ensue from internet usage. The process of creating laws related to the use of the internet is a tricky process because there are no pre-existing laws to fall on or compare. Unlike other laws that have a historical tradition that could be used, the cyber law is entirely a new field that has emerged due to the increased cases of crimes being conducted on the internet.

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Ruling made by the judge stated that the rule did not provide enough guidance on its application. The employees concluded that it prevented the protected activities. The employers were justified since any information that could prevent smooth operations within the business could affect service delivery hence the need to put in rules that guide on the same. It could be related to libel especially if the information is defaming either the employees, employers or their partners according to Edwards (Edwards et al., 2008)

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