Meeting the Needs of Students in inclusive settings

Meeting the Needs of Students in inclusive settings

Meeting the Needs of Students in inclusive settings.

Meeting the Needs of Students in inclusive settings: There are different professional fields with different areas in this world. Each one of these professions demands an undisputed level of approach. That is in terms of execution of duties, commitment of a profession, motivation among other aspects.

In this context, I would like to discuss the management and motivation aspects at a classroom level. Teaching is one of the most important professions in the world (Vitto, 2003). In fact, I think it is the best profession there is in the world regardless of the level, or grade.

This is because; all the great professionals that we have in the world must have gone through a classroom setup at one time or another (Korb, 2012). Therefore, I feel that it is an area where sound management and motivation skills are needed.

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That way they would be nurtured from a young level, and be taught about the sense of responsibility of every action one takes. I would also try the counseling approach like in Jimmy’s case. If it does not work, that’s when I would resolve to drastic measures; like a punishment.

In conclusion, teaching profession in a classroom level is very challenging especially when there are students who are disabled. Teaching is fun especially to down to earth teachers (Bluestein, 2008). However, some students who lack the sense of self-motivation, self-discipline and commitment for their excellence make it very hard for teachers.

To some extent, it is upon the teacher to show direction since he/she is the parental figure in a classroom setup. However, the larger percentage is upon the student to take responsibility of their action so that everyone can have a sane learning environment.


Bluestein, J. (2008). The win-win classroom: A fresh and positive look at classroom management. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

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