Medical Sociology

Medical Sociology

Medical Sociology

Medical sociology can be defined as the study of the community dimensions of medicine and health. Therefore, it is an established field and good platform where grandaunts in medicine and other health-related professions are prepared. Markedly, this department has big faculty and in it are great opportunities such as a sequence of courses.

Ideally, medical sociology is concerned with the relationship between the application of research techniques and sociological theory, health, social factors related to the health care system. Characteristic areas of research include the influences of gender, ethnicity, age, or socioeconomic status on the quality and access to quality of health care. Medical sociology basically offers a methodical and critical framework for understanding health care, illness, and health. Key topics include the subjective experience of illness, economic, political, health, and environmental circumstances that foster societal forces, and ill health.

Additionally, new social movements including revised definitions of parenthood and various wide topic and changes in health care result from the advances in medical sociology and technology. Medical sociology has discovered that new devices and pills that interact with the body are transformational technologies. For instance, biomedical policy in America reduces quality of life for HIV and AIDS patients (Sever 4). Additionally, socio groups have come together and established techno-scientific identities such as men with prostate cancer are no longer passive patients.

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In conclusion, the currently held views about their discipline, relationship and their sister social sciences must be evaluated by medical sociologists. In order to achieve comfort in medical sociology, an acceptance of ways in which we differ even marginal in our perspective requires an acceptance. The spread of diseases is worldwide although there are wide-ranging interventions to curb the menace.

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