Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been smoked all over the world for many years to treat various ailments. Marijuana was first declared as a medicine by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C. He also documents its effectiveness in relieving pain that associates with gout and rheumatism. For long, marijuana legalization has sparked debates within America media, public, and legislation.

It was legal as medicine in United States until 1937 the enacting of Marijuana Tax Act to prohibit marijuana (Friese and Grube). Before prohibition, there were a number of medicine products that contained marijuana in United States. In 1970, marijuana was on the list of the most abused substance in America, this time not for medical purposes but  recreation (Haerens and Zott). For that reason, the substance abuse risks the life of people who were involve since they did not have medical supervision. Currently, marijuana remains illegal under United States federal law. However, there are sixteen states that have legalized marijuana (Friese and Grube). There is ongoing research by advocates of marijuana a medical component and also by those who argues that it should not be legal.

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In Conclusion, Different researches have proved that marijuana usage for medical purposes is very effective under some conditions. However, there are also numerous negative indications caused by usage of marijuana especially when it is abused (Dasgupta).

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