Media has a high impact on today’s society. It can influence the lives of people in various ways. Media is a particular medium in which messages are delivered.The main types of media are electronic and written, with automatic as the most common type of media in the society today.

In fact, printed media is slowly dying as people increasingly adopt the modern technology. Even newspapers, which constituted of the most popular type of media has also become electronic. Televisions, radios, video players, and the widespread of internet connection have a significant influence on people’s ways of life (Potter, 2012).

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Several people and especially children draw much of their perceptions about life from the media. People tend to admire what they see in their televisions or what they hear from their radios. Press has a way of shaping people’s attitudes remarkably. It has created several celebrities whom people admire. In fact, stars have become the role models for many children.

They are icons whom children want to copy without caring about the culture and identity. Most people would love to be associated with such people such that they copy everything in these celebrities including their dressing. People have lost their cultural status thanks to the iconic figures presented by the media. For instance, people walk in the streets half-naked in an attempt to look like their icons (Potter, 2012).


Potter, W. J. (2012). Media effects. Thousand Oaks, Calif: SAGE Publications.

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