Media and Violence

Media and Violence

Media and Violence.

Media and Violence: Over the last 10-15 years, speculations of the effects of media on people’s lives have grown exponentially with increased technological innovations. In the 90’s, a large portion of the population could not access cable.

News papers and magazines were the major forms of media as the internet was deemed as a luxury. As time passed, trends changed. The economic boom and technological savvy have resulted to better life standards. More than ever before, children and teenagers have been expose to media.

Media has been recognized as leading moderator of human behavior. In the words of Malcolm X, media is one of the most powerful entities; it has power to make the guilty innocent, and the innocent guilty because it controls the minds of people.

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It is also important to consider that major violent events in the history of the world happened even before video games and violent movies were create. Naturally, the debate about media violence elicits strong emotions as it touches the balance between the freedom of speech and public safety.

However, media reflects the happenings in the society; this would mean that rather than media influencing the society, the society may be the major moderator of the media. I think it would be important to first consider evidence rather than political bickering about the negative influences of the media.

Going by these arguments, the opponent’s arguments seem to carry more weight compared to the proponents’ view. Media may not be a strong determinant of violent behavior among the people.

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