Measures society can implement to deter computer crimes

Measures society can implement to deter computer crimes

Measures society can implement to deter computer crimes.

Measures society can implement to deter computer crimes: Computer crime involves any form of criminal activity that deals with networks and computers. In addition, cyber crime encompasses all the traditional crimes executed via internet.

Examples of computer crimes include internet fraud, hacking, identity theft, telemarketing, credit card theft, hate crimes, and fraudulent money transfers and bank robberies (Vacca, 2005). Computer crimes have become high profile issues in the world, especially those involving copyright infringement, hacking, and fraud.

It is often difficult to detect crimes that involve computers. Such crimes have serious impacts on victims. Continuous technology advancement have made hackers more creative, however, the government and society can still implement some measures to deter computer crimes.

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into computer systems to rob data or money. Anti-virus software is only effective when valid and up to date. An example of successful stories of detected computer crime is the February, 2005 when Choice Point Inc., an information broker made an announcement that its database was under attack and hackers accessed thousands of profiles (Johnson, 2006).

There was much information reportedly stolen. These included social security numbers, full names, credit reports, and home addresses. Other examples of detected computer crimes is in T-Mobile USA where hackers compromised clients’ information (Casey, 2010).

The US Senate even held hearings in order to assess whether the corporations require extensive regulation. There are other several examples of similar stories involving banks and financial institutions.


Casey, E. (2010). Digital evidence and computer crime: Forensic science, computers and the Internet. London: Academic.

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