Mass Incarceration Response Paper

Mass Incarceration Response Paper

Mass Incarceration Response Paper

There is just no one-fits-all answer to explain why people commit crimes. True, theft crimes, for instance, increase and decrease with unemployment, but that is just one of the numerous factors. Sometimes, individuals may become criminals by virtue of, say, being born into settings of physical, substance or sexual abuse, divorce, criminal activity, poverty, or ignorance.

Contrary to this popular belief, though, not everyone with the above disadvantages necessarily becomes a criminal. In deed, criminal offenders also originate from the other (better) side. Essentially, individuals decide to contravene the law to satisfy their egos.

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He could not get a job, and many of my neighbors were fearful of him. As I write this paper, Joe is back in prison staring at a 5-year prison term for a drug peddling-related felony.

This unfortunate case proves that, instead of deterring people from committing more crimes, incarceration increases the probability that convicted offenders will most likely commit more felonies upon release. In deed, mass incarceration is a costly way of making bad people worse.

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