Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract.

Marriage Contract: Marriage is a holy institution which was ordained by God. According to me marriage is a social institution which brings together people from diverse backgrounds.

This relationship is strengthened by love. According to me love is the key thing that brings individuals together. Without love marriage is just an empty relationship.

The purpose of this marriage contract is to expound clearly on the expectations and obligations of every partner in a marriage. This contact will act as a reminder of the obligations and expectations. A marriage contract will always ensure that every partner remains committed to his or

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We shall live in an apartment. I am against frequent moves and I can live with other members of the family so long s they are not a bother to our marriage.

Every partner has equal sexual right and freedoms and no partner should engage in extra marital affairs. Every partner has to consider emotional feelings of the other partner.

A woman should seek a man’s advice when procuring abortion. Abortion will only be allowe only in situations of rape, and risky pregnancies.

Pets should always be outside the house. I don’t like pets in my room. I cannot afford to live with the mess that they can bring.

We will not live with the extended family. However, a responsible member of the extended family can live with us.

I would support my partner fully and assure her a comfortable life. No partner should leave the other due to unavoidable circumstances such as sickness.

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