Marketing research

Marketing research

Marketing research

Marketing communications refer to the transfer of messages and related media from a business organization to the market. Marketing communication can also be referred to as the promotion section of the marketing mix. There are four main issues which business organizations address while passing information to the market. They are place, price, promotion and product. Through marketing communication, a company or an individual can reach their target market. There are several types of marketing communications.

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The revolution and increased competition in the business world has resulted to the need for integrated marketing communication approach which is method combines several sources of marketing information to optimize the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Individuals or companies which wish to adopt integrated marketing communication program must first keenly look at the components they want to include into their communication program and make sure that each of them adds value to the program as a whole. They should also involve the stakeholders to make them motivated and work towards making the program a success.

Keller, K. (2001). Mastering the Marketing Communications Mix: Micro and Macro
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