Marketing manager

The principle product chosen for this assignment is fast-served, quality, individual meals, which are Asian-styled. These meals are based on the central theme of noodles. However, they have a flexible customization degree to suit the customers’ tastes. The second, but just as essential supporting product, is a mobile cooking unit utilized in preparing the individual meals. This NVU (Noodle Vending Unit) is specially created to produce the meals in the fastest time possible. Whereas the major organization, Noodle Paradise, owns and operate several NVU’s, the majority of the fleet are purchased and operated through franchisees. The two products interdependently solidify the organization brand name.

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There is a growing emphasis on the corporate accountability of large companies from the first world nations and how they operate in less developed countries. Many nations nowadays impose their ethical norms on less developed countries although they are and have been guilty of disputably unethical practices formerly. For instance, the poor conditions of working suffered in developing nations were normal during the many western economies’ industrializations.

Ramaswamy, V. S., & Namakumari, S. (2009). Marketing management: Global perspective, Indian context. Delhi: Macmillan.

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