Market Expansion Feasibility Analysis

Nigeria is a rapidly growing economy on the African continent. A recent rebasing of the countries GDP has catapulted the country to being the largest economy on the Africa continent surpassing Egypt and South Africa. Nigeria has come through a series of problems that led to political instability and a procession of military governments.

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The promotion of the golf products will be conducted through the golf clubs in the country as well as through televised advertisements to target the Nigerian market. The main risk in the expansion venture is the possibility of the security situation worsening in the country. That would make it untenable for investors in the country. The concerns are however not serious enough to prevent the investment from going ahead. It is a viable opportunity, and the company should take it up.

Joseph A, F., Mauton A, P. S., & Adesile A, O. (2011). Corruption and the investment climate in Nigeria. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, 2(4), 115-128.

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