Marine animals of the deep sea

Marine animals of the deep sea

Marine animals of the deep sea

Deep sea is the area below 1000 meters, the area below the photic zone of the sea (Berger, 2000a). Scientist had not explored deep sea in the past and believed there is life in the deep sea in the past. However, various deep sea creatures have been discovered with time. Deep sea animals survive in a very harsh environment but have features that enable them survive in these harsh conditions (Berger, 2000b). First, in the deep sea there is no sunlight. Sunlight cannot reach the deep sea because it is below the 1000 meters which is deep.

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In deep sea, the environment is harsh, and it only allows the fittest animals to survive. The pressure is very high, temperatures are too low, and there is no light and limited resource. Just like any other environment, the deep sea animals have adapted to the environment. The animals are small, do not choose diet and feed on anything, have slow metabolism rate and huge eyes. The adaptations enable animals to survive in harsh conditions.

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