Mansfield Park “Servitude or Enslavement”

Mansfield Park“Servitude or Enslavement”

Mansfield Park “Servitude or Enslavement”

Mansfield Park “Servitude or Enslavement”:Mansfield Park by Jane Austen was written between February 1811 and 1813 at Chawton Cottage. It was later published Thomas Egerton in the early 1814. Mansfield Part is the most controversial novel in Austen writings. Many have criticized the novels theme of enslavement arguing that its emphasis on slavery is unpalatable and unfaithful to the author. The paper is going to discuss the enslavement in the novel in relation to the opinion of many readers.
Austen’s novel was the logical outcome of the revisionist historiography and critics for the past years. He placed the question of slavery at the center of discussion of the British history in the early 19th century.

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The novel is an apotheosis of several political readings of Jane Austen. It is a representation of infiltration to validate academic hegemony over the Mansfield Park. Even though it is faced with complexities of plot, narrative points and view and characters, the novels makes readers to experience loss, disappointments and even a sense of infidelity to the imaginary original story of slavery.

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