Mandatory hourly rounding.

Mandatory hourly rounding is one of the most effective evidence based practices today. To begin, mandatory hourly rounding is a coherent and well-structured procedure in which doctors and nurses carryout regular checks with patients during specific intervals where they carryout required or scheduled tasks. On the face of it, this practice plays a paramount role in helping frontline teams to plan and schedule ward workload. In addition, it ensures that all patients receive utmost care and attention regularly. The aim of this paper is to identify the advantages and disadvantages of mandatory hourly rounding to patient care.

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In addition, it recommends key factors to consider including the commitment to excellent care, agreeing upon a convenient time, following up as appropriate to ensure that patients have everything that is needed.

Brooks, A. M. T. (2013, December). Building a Culture of Safety: Aligning innovative leadership rounding and staff driven hourly rounding strategies. In 42nd Biennial Convention.

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