Managing Pain During Sickle Cell Crisis

Appropriate nursing is critical to the patients with severe pain especially to those with sickle cell illness. Nurses caring for sickle cell patients need to have an interest in the condition and also need to have training and support. Training helps nurses avoid negative attitudes and stigma against patients suffering from the sickle cell crisis (Parsh & Kumar, 2012). It is aimed at educating nurses about the disease symptoms and treatment procedures. Nurses should be able to assess pain, identify the psychological problem, identify complications and involve appropriate individuals.

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Sickle cell patients also need particular attention from medical professionals and relatives to ensure that they get the care they require. In conclusion, the sickle cell disease requires lots of attention. Patients need to be handled by professionals who have knowledge and interest in helping people with pain. Teaching is also critical to patients and caregivers for them to be able to control and cope with all issues brought about by the illness.

Gill, V., Lavin, J., & Sim, M. (2010). Managing sickle cell disease. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! 8(6), 24-32. doi:10.1097/01.nme.0000388522.79370.d2

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