Managing an Event

Managing an Event

Managing an Event

Managing an Event: Whenever there an organization or states organizes for an event, managers are faced with numerous challenges. The managers must make proper arrangement on how to deal with such challenges to ensure the success of the events. When organizing for cultural event festive that took place at Seattle Center in September 2013, the manager were faced by numerous challenges. The main challenge was on security issues although there were other minor administrative challenges.

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Aloha Hawaiian Cultural festival event 2013 was very successful because the managers were able to make arrangements that curbed insecurity challenge. The managers ensure tight security by scrutinizing the attendees thoroughly before entering in event venue, deploying security personnel, installing CCTV cameras, and requesting the attendees to report any suspicious occurrences. The managers effort of making the event successful started by identifying all the possible challenges and taking appropriate measures to overcome those challenges.

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