Managing an Acquisition

Managing an Acquisition

Managing an Acquisition

Managing an Acquisition:Increased competition has forced most companies to diversify. Some companies are diversifying through mergers and acquisition. Mergers and acquisition are motivated by increased profits and market share, reduce the level of competition, and enhance growth and stabilize the earnings of the company. Last year, Microsoft Corporation announced plans to purchase Nokia. Nokia has been struggling for many years due increased competition in the mobile phone industry. Nokia phone have been deemed not to be good enough with other companies such as Apple and Samsung introducing high tech phones. On the other hand, Microsoft Corporation has been unsuccessful in its venture in mobile phone industry and its integration with Nokia was plan to ensure that the company successfully ventures in the industry.

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Therefore, manager who intends to see a company through an acquisition successful should communicate with staff, adopt a proactive management style, and manage the corporate culture as well as human capital.

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