Managerial analysis

Managerial analysis

Managerial analysis

The banking organization, according to Market maker Surveillance (2012) which led to the formation of an investment bank segment of chase Bank is the JPMorgan Chase & Co. which was founded in U.S in the year of 1823. The Banking organization provides banking services and products of various ranges such as; raising capital in the debt and equity markets, management of risks, advising on corporate structure and strategy, conducting of research services serving the municipalities, corporations, institutional investors and governments. The bank’s commercial sector also provides treasury, lending, and management of asset services to financial institutions.

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Chase bank has also been establishing formal processes and consistently using them in the evaluation of the performance of the board. Moreover, chase bank is modifying the compensation of its directors by eliminating or reducing the options of stock as their package part as well.  In addition, the bank has established a system whereby they create the role of lead directors to develop strong powers that are in regard with the agenda of the board and also performs the role of over-sighting on the activities of the non management members of the board.

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