Good entrepreneurs thrive by identifying available opportunities and establishing successful enterprises. The story of Harvey highlightsoptimism and hard work in establishing a Troupville business systems. The case highlights management challenges and opportunities that exist in running an enterprise. Evidently, in this case Harvey demonstrates to have strong management skills by hiring Ms. Brannen whom they have same wavelength(Cousins, 1992).

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The other aspect from the management perspective is the challenges. The challenges are represented in the chart by the faded maroon color covering a 3.2%. The main challenge covered in the chart include the remuneration challenge existing within the firm. The lack of sustainable and equitable remuneration becomes the second largest aspect of management. Lastly, is the alternative`s represented by the faded greed color. The percent represented by these color is 1.4%. The management work should be emphasized by the greatness of the percent. Greater work is required in maintaining the opportunities, followed by the need to solve the existing challenges and finding more alternatives.

Cousins, B. (1992).The well-paid receptionist. La Grange College: Case Journal, 12(1), 1-5.

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