Management style in the US organizations

Management style in the US organizations

Management style in the US organizations.

This paper discusses the management style in the US organizations. From research and as presented in this paper, most companies in the USA use the American management style as opposed to the other styles like Chinese management style and the Japanese management style in running their companies.

The paper discusses the management style in the US along the five functions of management that are control, staffing, planning, leading, and organizing people within their organizations. The paper also discusses factors that contribute to these management systems in the US including ownership of firms.

Lastly, the paper offers a guideline on how best to manage the today’s workforce and achieve maximum returns. The paper observes that the today’s workforce is multigenerational work group,

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As well, both the American investor, and the manager should understand the factors that predispose certain management practices and resist those that do not add value to the company.

In order to gain international competitive advantage, firms should move beyond the myopic convenience. That comes because of choosing short-term management options and embrace strategic long-term strategic management plans.

Even though this research focused on styles in use in the American companies, available empirical research only focused on how the American management style. Emphasis should be laid on future research on other international management styles such as the Japanese Management style and how they can be incorporated in the American management style.


Adecco (2013). Managing today’s multigenerational workforce. Adecco Bass, B. M., & Avolio, B .J. (1994). Improving organizational effectiveness through transformational leadership. Sage Publications: Thousand Oaks, CA.

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