Management Analysis of Southwest Airlines

Management Analysis of Southwest Airlines

Management Analysis of Southwest Airlines:Section I: General Description of the Company and Its Environment
Southwest Airlines Co. is a major airline company that was established on March 1967 in Dallas, Texas, and it operates two passenger airlines, namely, AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines. Ranking as the largest low-cost airway carrier in the world, Southwest Airlines have over six hundred and fifty aircrafts, a majority of which are Boeing 737s that offer scheduled flights in the United States and other near-transnational air transportation markets. Having been founded by Herbert Kelleher, who co-founded it with Rollin King, Southwest Airlines is currently owned by a number of shareholders (Southwest Airlines Co., 2014).

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Profundity in decision-making, proficiency in budgeting and forecasting, effectiveness in costing and planning, efficiency in designing profit-improvement and cost-cutting models, and uniqueness in selecting suitable managerial approaches and strategies have kept Southwest Airlines aloft in the air transport market.

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