Male and Female Relationship

Male and Female Relationship

Male and Female Relationship.

Male and Female Relationship: Love is the act which result from a combination of feelings, attitude and conditions on the level of affection.  Love between male and female is the emotion attraction which eventually lead to strong attachment between them.

Individuals who are in a relationship portray compassion, kindness and affection towards each other for the welfare of each other. Love between man and a woman is referred to as interpersonal love and it more that the basic liking of the other person interest.

In male and female relationship love is expressed as a positive and intimate emotional and as a form of emotional attachment. Basically, relationship between male and female is a special interpersonal companionship with a romantic overtones (Smith-Rosenberg, 1975,).

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for an individual to become part of the other person is through telling them everything to cultivate trust. Male and women in love have to be open amount their relationship status even to the world, for their partner to trust and express their true love to each other (Brooten, 1996, p. 89).

Love between male and female requires commitment between them for them to express true emotional and physical attraction in maintain a healthy relationship.

The love has to be unconditional without demands for true love to be manifeste between them. Individuals in love have to abandon some of their behavior and attitudes to be compatible with each other.


Brooten, B. J. (1996). Love between women: Early Christian responses to female homoeroticism. Chicago [Ill.: Univ. of Chicago Press.

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