Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Experiences that Malcolm X had relating to racism shaped the way he thought throughout his life. The experiences inspired him to be one of the iconic figures to be against racism, which the Africa American experienced before his assassination in 1965. Malcolm went ahead and wrote a biography that would inspire the African American race with the hope that they would go on fighting for their rights in the following years.

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However, his father clearly set the path for him as an activist. He later met Muhammad, who taught him that white culture was the cause of the black’s problems. His life in prison was a significant turning point for all the actions he undertook I his life. Malcolm was clever and disciplined enough to carry out activities that would get him arrested. He may have has some flaws, but his was an empowering figure, just like his autobiography conveys.

Work cited
Malcolm, X and Haley Alex. Autobiograoghy of Malcolm X. New York: Groove Press, 1965.

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