Making moral decisions, moral absolutism, moral relativism

moral relativism

Making moral decisions, moral absolutism, moral relativism

Moral values are the basis which we make decisions. Moral decisions are judgment by individuals from honest, responsible and loyal views. Moral relativism is the view that all ethical standards and positions of right or wrong are culturally based and are subject to individual choices. Thus, individuals can decide what is right or wrong by themselves.

Moral absolutism states that absolute standards exist by which all commitments and behaviors can be judged. The variance between moral commitments among different societies does not mean that morality is relative since the scientific beliefs may also differ ( Barman, 2005).

According to Ruth Benedict, morality is dependent on past histories and environments from different cultures. She said the explorations into the enculturation of human beings, and its numerous variations have formed the groundwork of anthropology. Benedict asserts morals as culturally defined values based on what is considered as appropriate behavior in the society. She used the example of homosexuality to illustrate herself. These practices are considered immoral in every society and even wrong to some extent. Benedict says that homosexuality was widely accepted in ancient Greece and did not have any negative associations.

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Thus, the basis of moral decisions should incorporate the welfare of the society irrespective of whether it is supported by the societal norms. This would produce the best moral guides for the American society in making moral decisions, absolutism, and relativism.

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