During the time that Madonna rose to stardom, America was living through the Reagan era. It was a time of cultural shifts in values and thinking from politics to boardrooms to MTV. Madonna began her music in the 1980s after she travelled to New York with only her talent and little contacts to help her succeed in the industry.

She had previously been in a dance school in New York City, at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Her then boyfriend, Dan Gilroy, who was one of the founder members of Breakfast Club band, introduced Madonna to the music industry. She worked as a showgirl in France after her boyfriend introduced her to the head of a vaudeville review in Paris. Madonna joined her boyfriend’s band in 1980s when she returned to US as a drummer and later on, she was the lead singer. She had joined other bands that year before she went solo.

Madonna started her career as a solo artist in 1981. She first scored a record deal with Sire record when she did her first song ‘everybody’. Madonna is not only bound to music but is also involved in books, television, movies, videos and fashion.  When it comes to the genres she has done, Madonna is also a diverse woman. Besides reigning in rock and roll pop subgenera, Madonna has done disco, electronica, Latin, RNB, punk and gospel. While singing rock and roll, she infuses other music genres in her song to win her audience.

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Madonna starred in writing children book at the beginning of her career. She is also a great woman who manages to balance between her family and her children. The industry can be tricky for a mother, but Madonna still manages to be with her family.

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