Manliness is a trait that is not only considered a feature that can be possessed by men but is a set of ideals that can be possessed by anyone. Macbeth is considered one of Shakespeare’s supreme tragedies because of the distinctive characters and the way they are presented. Manliness has a big influence on literature, and it has become an element of our culture. Various themes are discussed in Macbeth, and one of them is manliness. This paper focuses on the theme of manliness as exhibited through Macbeth.

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The play Macbeth brings the theme of manliness. The succeeding action in the play makes the characters encounter diverse difficulties, and their different reaction bring the difference between what is manly and not. The “manly” traits that are presented in Macbeth deepen the reader’s view of life and how it has changed in the centuries. This play teaches that manliness is a moral value that makes one merge the ability of being a person with the capacity for being a social reliable member of a community and not a remark that portrays only men.

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