This paper seeks to understand the aims and procedures with regard to Lyophilization as a method employed to conserve bimolecular substances such as proteins in labs.

Lyophilization, which is also referred to as freeze-drying is one of the methods used to preserve labile materials after desiccating them, particularly useful in preserving high value bimolecular substances for instance, proteins.

The main aim of lyophilization is the preparation of stable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products with a high tolerance to temperature and increased shelf life as compared to other pharmaceutical products.

For lyophilization to take place, the three main steps followed are preparation of material, primary drying and finally secondary drying. During the preparation stage, the protein solution is prepared and put in a vacuum.

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Lyophilization of proteins in syringes, which is a product sublimation process generally results in a stable product with an increased tolerance to temperature fluctuations and an improved shelf life. This is hugely beneficial economically to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Lyophilisation is mainly use because it results in a stable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products. Products prepared through sublimation not only boast of higher stability but also have higher temperature forbearance.

In addition compared to other pharmaceutical products, they have a higher shelf life especially in aqueous states.  Finally, lyophilization is a sound, time effective and an economically lucrative venture that would be useful in the development of vaccines, high value proteins and peptides.

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